Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's the big deal about Swagbucks?

You may have seen some of your friends post things about Swagbucks on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.  One of my facebook fans asked me to blog about this website, and how what to do with all those Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a 100% free website that rewards you for searching the internet, completing surveys, printing out coupons, answering daily polls, and so much more.  I have been using their website for two years and LOVE it!  You will not earn swagbucks for every search, you will win some here and there.  "Swagbucks" are virtual "dollars" that are added to your account for random searches on the Swagbucks homepage.  You can then trade in your "swagbucks" for merchandise, wallpapers for your electronics, and e-gift cards.

Here's a brief "tutorial" on how to get some Swagbucks!!

  1. Sign up here for your FREE Swagbucks account.
  2. Click the "Take a Tour" link and watch the video
  3. Visit the "Earn" section and start racking up the Swagbucks!
  4. Once you get enough Swagbucks in your account, simply visit the "redeem" section and "cash" them in!
This is a very easy way to cut your expenses for birthdays and holidays.  I redeem my Swagbucks once a year for Amazon e-gift cards for Christmas presents.  Swagbucks never expire!!

Search & Win

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  1. Thanks for this post! I signed up for them a LOOOOOOONG time ago and forgot all about it! I need to check into it again! I love the idea of saving them up all year. Would really help with Christmas expenses at the end of the year.